Monday, 7 February 2011

Well, this is new.. apparently!

Well time to start the blog! On the 6th January 2011 I decided to create a blog whilst I was daydreaming on the 5 hour train journey which I have to endure every few months to go back to university, or to go 'home'. I make it sound like a complete chore, but it's honestly peaceful, calming, the views are relatively nice, if you like Wales that is. You usually meet some people which you'll obviously never speak to again, but they usually make quite an impact on you!

I stopped off at Crewe train station and I had a 45 minute delay so I decided to have a cigarette as you do! 35 minutes pass and I realised that I had dropped my tobacco, so I had to go and buy some more, harmless you say? Well, let's move on to the train!

I got talking to some fantastic guy who offered me a beer and he eventually departed my company, which was unlucky on my part because he was keeping me sane whilst we both had to stand for 50 minutes, delays and snow are never a good thing. So I finally get a seat where everyone usually throws their bags and some woman sits opposite me, but this woman has a table and I was utterly jealous. So after about 30 minutes of sitting in the same position she catches my eye and starts talking, and this is where it all goes down hill.

She was definitely in her late 50s, on her journey to Newport to meet her 'fella' who she hasn't seen in a while, and she started talking about what she would do to him when she saw him. I'm not sure what put everyone off more, the moustache which was under her nose or the absolute filth which was coming out of her mouth. Personally I found it absolutely hilarious and egged her on quite a bit. So as the conversation faded somewhat, I realised that in craving nicotine, I needed a cigarette and so I decided to just say to her 'I could really do with a cigarette', and to my disgust, she pulls out a packet of tobacco, which funnily enough looks exactly like the one I lost at Crewe. She then started to laugh and I said "what?", totally irritated with her, she stole my tobacco! She said "some poor bugger dropped this at Crewe, I stood on it, checked it was full so I picked it up and put it in my pocket." So I questioned her about it, and there was something very specific about this pouch, baring in mind it was one of those new Amber Leaf pouches which come from a box but is totally tiny and it had some writing on the inside of it to which I can thank a friend in a lecture for that. So she asked "have you got any skins so I can roll a fag?" I looked at her and said "by any chance does it say Hitler's Pubes, with an arrow pointing down inside the pouch?" Well, I've never seen someone's face go from glee to disbelief in such a short space of time! But not only that, she then stood up, shouted "no" at me, stole the rizla from my hand and sat elsewhere! I think I made a friend.

Right, so after that massive tangent on why train journeys are just so magical, back to why I've started a blog! So why did it take me so long to write my first blog? Well, this isn't actually my first blog, but I've been very sporadic about the way in which I write blogs, so I've deleted them all and this one is what I'm going to stick with, I think. This blog is going to be more of a journal than to actually try and make my mark on the world and become famous. Becoming famous is not why I write, or care about. I write for my own personal use and just hope people enjoy some of the stories which I tend to spill from my mind!

So, let's see where this blog goes...

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