Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Oh how I hate Wednesdays. It always starts out really well with going to the gym and then I think about what to do with myself to make it as productive as possible and what happens? I just sit on my arse for near on 12 hours and cook dinner around 6pm. It's mind numbing. You totally forget the outside world and realise that there is nothing in your life, only because the productiveness has gone right out of the window by 11pm at night when you actually want to do something. The Wednesday mindset.

It's already time for bed and the next two days are so rammed with lectures that I will probably have no time to catch up on reading over notes, or catching up with work which doesn't get done in lab sessions, even though if I sat down and actually did the work, I would understand a lot more and already be confident enough to do what I need to do. I'm sure Wednesdays are for that reason; reading notes, finding out about things which you aren't so sure on and hopefully from now on I suppose I could do that, couldn't I? Unless I could find a part time job, but do I really want to do that? I mean even though Wednesdays are the in fact awful, working wouldn't give me much more of a reason to enjoy them, though it would give me the extra money for which I can enjoy myself, buy things which I wouldn't usually think of buying. Definitely something to consider.

Wednesdays are definitely a downer, sometimes it actually makes you think how slow life can be. There really should be someone there constantly telling me to get off my arse, like a personal trainer shouting at me at every given opportunity when I decide to sit on this brown leather throne and relax. Relax? Watching TV for 12 hours and having a few hours on World of Warcraft is anything but relaxing, it's quite irritating when you realise that you should try and not take life for granted and just do as much as you possibly can to make you think "wow, that was actually a good day" and feel good when you finally hit the sack.

Maybe I should get a personal trainer, or just invite one of those hyperactive and always happy friends around every Wednesday to do something relatively productive. Could've gone out for a meal tonight, but we had steak inside instead. I'm not saying steak isn't enjoyable, because it is! I could've just been out and interacting with more people! That isn't a dig at my flat mates by the way, they're great.

Perhaps moaning about it isn't the best way to go either, because I'm still sitting on my arse right now as I'm complaining. Though it does help, the thoughts and feelings there in front of me, in plain black and white which get reread about 100 times before I actually press "Publish Post" to see if I could put anything else in there, to show that Wednesdays are what Wednesdays are.. As the German's say "Mittwoch" which is literally translated to "mid-week", not yet the weekend, and not yet the start of the week where you usually have so much enthusiasm to get so much done. Where does all that enthusiasm go? I wish I knew. Perhaps caffeine could be the answer, definitely need more of that.

Anyway, fuck it, this Wednesday is almost over!

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