Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The blog has landed!

Well look at this, it's already my second day updating this blog and though I have no idea what the hell to put on here I thought I'd update my little corner of the internet as it were. Who would've thought? Me actually sticking to something for a change.

I think there's been like some sort of drastic change in my life to actually stick and do things. For example, this diet that I'm on at the moment, I've been doing it for five weeks strong and apart from my course obviously, is going pretty well. I say my course isn't going well, but it is. I just like to think and challenge myself to not do as much reading so I can stress out as much as possible at the end which is what I've always done and it's how I'll be. Not only have I stuck to my diet at the moment, but also my new love.. Twitter.

Why Twitter? I honestly thought it was the worst thing known to man, "why have facebook status updates and not have any other function?" I'd used to think to myself, but then realising it was more than just that I joined and follow the people or organisations which interest me, it's like your own little news feed, with up to date information which I personally want myself, none of this manufactured horse shite which we get spoon fed on a daily, if not hourly basis on ITV, Sky, Channel 4 or BBC.

Though is the stuff which I'm reading manufactured on Twitter? I mean these so called celebrities or companies which update "breaking news" or articles on a regular basis or updates about little, trivial things in their lives which make a massive difference in other peoples lives, people who follow them, including myself. Let's be honest, who doesn't like seeing a picture of an animal which has just been discovered and just so happens have to be 'cute'? Or the recently discovered Amazonian tribe which has literally no contact with the outside world? Or how a celebrity has decided to inform the entire world that they have just stubbed their toe on a cabinet? Has the entirety of the general public become so completely ignorant to the real world which is around them? To lose track of the one thing which we can hold on to, intelligence.

Now I can hear you thinking "Ha, intelligence? What about the guy who lives down the road who can't string a sentence together?" Obviously, I'm talking about the human race as a whole. We have come so far in such a short amount of time, from being hunter gatherers who survived on basic survival instincts, to a race which now is so technologically advanced and so technologically dependent that half, if not most of the human race have no idea where, why, when, how or even care how we have evolved. Wikipedia will only give you so much information.

Are you thinking I'm being rather hypocritical about all this? I mean all the resources which us humans have used to create just this laptop which I'm using right now, the minerals, the ores, the land, the ecology, geology, geography and the lives which we have lost just to produce the every day things which we see around us. Our sofas, our carpets, our fridges, dishwashers, even our water. You would be right in thinking I'm being rather hypocritical, as I also take all these things for granted, and I do enjoy them, to an extent. It's just a part of evolution.

Wouldn't it be nice to devolve? Not physically, but technologically. Would you survive? Could we survive? To once again feed off the land, to be 'at one' with nature, to understand and comprehend your surroundings so well that you might just in fact find what you're looking for, peace of mind. To not take the land for granted, as it's your home, and to look after the land as it is your mother. Would you in fact shed a tear about a tree being cut down? Bedrock being exploded, demolished just to create cement for the houses which we dwell in. I am obviously technologically dependent, but I would love to leave it all, if I could, to live off the land, to experience life the way it should be. I do envy those Amazonian tribes, they have such a simple way of life, but it suits them. No Twitter or Facebook. They get their updates from the voices which surround them and I find that quite warming. Though there is one big word within that paragraph, and that is "if". Everything is if, what if, as if, if I could.

Trailing back to the question about the content of Twitter being manufactured. I have come to the conclusion that it really doesn't matter about whether it's manufactured or not, as in the long run it doesn't actually affect you, as you will still go on with your day to day life, in such a dogmatic way which everything you read 15 or 20 minutes prior will have been shot from your head and you're wondering when is the best time to leave work, find a new job, take up a new hobby, find the love of your life or just drop everything and go.

Well that has been a pretty intense rant, apologies!

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